February, You’ve Been Trill

It’s the first day of March! Though I am swamped with school work I still wanted to create a post featuring an image from every post I created in February. Though I don’t post as much as other bloggers and I am relatively new to blogging I am still happy that I have be able to produce more content than the previous month. I hope to be posting at least 3-4 posts a week from now on.

PS. Thanks  so much to everyone who follows my blog via wordpress and or Blogloving, I really appreciate all the lovely comments I receive, and I always check everyones blogs back.

Anyone notice a trend with the my leg pose? :p

Click on the images to see closer

Morning After Party Look




DSC_0492 2This is my “I partied too much last night and need to find food soon” look. It’s very simple because I cannot increase on my headache by looking for something complex. It is very dull, in order to mirror they way I felt. Lastly it is very comfortable. I could have gone for sneaker heels but truth be told, all I was thinking at that moment was Continue reading