Eid Inspired Looks!

Golden touch

Dolce Gabbana slip dress / Christian Louboutin pumps / Christian dior purse / Larsson Jennings  jewelry / Chanel earrings / Malene Birger hinged bracelet / Fendi glasses / Tom ford lipstick / Tom Ford fragrance / Christian Louboutin nail polish

Ramadan is the one month period in which all Muslims are suppose to fast (not eat or drink) from sunrise to sunset. Eid Al-Fitr marks the end of this holy month and you celebrate with special prayers, feasts and gifts (usually money *insert bbhmm song here”).Because of these celebrations, people go really all out on the Continue reading

Summer Is Yet To Come…



Though I am looking forward to summer time, there is still some sadness that for those few months I won’t be able to do the things I have accustomed myself to do throughout the year. I will be far away from people who I see every day and even say goodbye to certain people who I will probably never see again. However, summer is a great time to start fresh. This could range from Continue reading