They Hate To See Me Go

They hate to see me go, but they love to watch me leave…
Long time no post my fellow readers, with the end of summer and the start of classes my “me” time has been non existent. As I am writing this post, this has been the longest time I have spent a lone with myself (4 hours) since early September. 
Yet another excuse for my lack of posting but hey, in return I have been meeting some great people and living amazing experiences. 

I took these photos some time ago and with the cold weather creeping by, this look has been making its way back in my closet. Though over the knee boots are sooo Fall/Winter 2014-15, I believe that they have become a classic piece for chilly days. Also, the fact that it makes me seem taller is a plus.

What I wore…
Burberry T-shirt
Zara Jeans
Romwe Bomber 
Mango Boots
Christian Louboutin Clutch

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