The Reason I started Blogging


My interest in fashion probably began in early high school. Prior to that I payed minimal attention to what I wore and had a very “American teenage” style. This meant lots of A&F, Juicy Couture, GAP and sand colored Uggs, which was the trend at the moment.

I owe my interest in fashion to three things:

  1. The books I use to read (Gossip Girl, The Private Novels, The Clique etc…)
  2. My mother, who still has impeccable style till this day
  3. And of course the fact that I was living in the fashion capital (Paris)

In high school I would spend hours on Tumblr admiring, reblogging, and posting photos of my own. In a way, my blogging days started then. By the end of high school my enthusiasm for Tumblr had died off a bit and my attention was directed more towards Instagram.

Then came college…

After my first year I realized that I had way too much free time and I could be doing something more useful with my days. My major has nothing to do with fashion or anything creative for that matter, and that really bothered me because I really do enjoy expressing myself creatively. That is where the idea of becoming a blogger came about.

Occasionally I would get comments and or praises about what I wore and where I shopped. In addition to that, people would also ask me if I knew where they could get a certain clothing item or accessory and I always of help to them. 

Therefor I thought, why not create a platform where I could express myself creatively but also share whatever advice and tips I had to offer? I had always been keen on giving advice to people on a variety of subjects and creating a blog would permit me pursue both of my interests.    

Actions speak louder than words

It took a very long time for me to actually set up my blog. The idea’s and the enthusiasm were there, but I kept giving myself reasons to do it the next day, or the next week, next month…and that just kept dragging on.

Therefore when it was finally done and running, I think that most of my friends didn’t even believe me anymore when I told them I had a blog because it had become an idea that was just floating around.

But here I am, a year later, and I have just begun….

I was wearing:

Forever21 Fedora | Forever21 Shades | Topshop Tee | Topshop Jeans| Mango Vest | Giusseppe Zanotti Heels

I would love to hear what inspired some of you other bloggers to start blogging!

Agnes x

130 thoughts on “The Reason I started Blogging

  1. Laura says:

    I think my love for fashion has always been there, but I really “discovered” it as I started watching gossip girl, so I can relate to you saying that gossip girl has had an impact on your love into fashion. I wanted to share my outfits and thoughts with other people, so I started a blog. Btw. great outfit! xx Laura


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