Wanna Fanta?

You can tell by the lack of posts on all my social medias (except snap of course), that I have been enjoying my summer vacation.

I was recently in Antalya, a resort city on the Turkish Riviera in which I spent approximately 10 days with my whole family. This was my first time in Turkey it was very interesting…but that will be for another post because lord do I have a lot to say about my experiences there.

Anyways. Felt amazing to be back on the Mediterranean. The sea was always warm…even at 5 am in the morning. Now I am in Paris catching up with old friends, sight seeing, and enjoying french wine of course!

The speed boat took us to see the rest of the coast, some cool hills and seaside caves.

You are probably wondering why this title? Well a part from the fact that this dress is giving me serious orange fanta vibes, and I mean the real orange fanta, not the yellowish tasteless ones being sold these days.  Anyways when I was younger, I use to love the fanta commercials that go a bit like:

“Wanna fanta? Don’t you wanna, wanna fanta?”



 In the end we dove into the sea for a couple of minutes but quickly rushed back to the boat so that we could enjoy the sunset while we dried off with the cool evening breeze.





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Agnes B x

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