Beeuty: Mini Summer Essentials

I can’t believe it has taken me two and a half years to make a beauty post but I can easily blame it on the fact that I use so many products at a time (not good) therefor I can’t pick what to share with you all.

Traveling light is everyones goals and if you are able to travel with only a carry-on, praises to you because that is an impossible task for me. I tend to travel with two huge suitcases, a carry-on, and a very heavy tote…all for a weeks worth. However travelling heavy is stressful and slows you down not only in the airport but also during your trip when you have to go through so many clothes to find “the one”.

One of the ways I have been reducing the size of my luggages is by carrying mini’s of my favorite products and you cannot imagine the amount of space that reduces. Plus I love miniature items even for daily use because they look better on your bathroom countertops and easier to put in your purse.

I will soon do a post of my morning and evening face routine which consists of some of these products but not all. During the summer I don’t like wearing as much makeup because of the heat, melting makeup? Ain’t nobody got time for that. However I usually do apply mascara to open my eyes a bit more which is why I always make sure to carry a good eye makeup remover such as the Lancome one below. 

Even though I apply the Mac Oil control after cleansing, eventually during the day the shine does come back. I make sure to walk around with my benefit professional shine control thingy which is like a loose powder that you can apply on your face to reduce the appearance of pores and mattify your shine. 

Ducray (Keracnyl) Face Cream • Sensodyne Floss • Nivea Hand Cream

Swimming all day in the ocean and pool really dries out my eyes and lips therefor you will always find Visine in my bag and a good lip balm!

Listerine Mouthwash • Visine Dry Eye • Mac Oil Control Lotion • Khiel’s Lip Balm • Ducray (Keracnyl) Foaming Gel

Khiel’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate • Benefit Pore-fessional Agent Zero Shine • Caolion Pore Mask • La roche Posay Facial Mist • Lancome Eye Makeup Remover


Agnes B x

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