Wild Thoughts

I’ve always been into black and white photography but

 I also really love rich colors. This, as you can imagine poses many issues when I’m editing photos for my blog or instagram. I think this might even be the first full black and white post that I have done and I have a feeling it won’t be the last.

I’m not the biggest Adidas fan however after much convincing from friends and in this specific case my mom, I tried them on and boy do I not regret it. I really enjoy walking long distances, however, pairing running shoes with my everyday outfits is a no noo for me. This is a problem because my more “trendy” shoes tend to hurt after some time and are just not suited for my active lifestyle (lol I’m making myself seem more active than I actually am).  However these sneaks are not only easy on the eyes but they are also super comfortable for my long romantic walks to the fridge.
Comfort + Bounce = Walk for days
Many people kept asking me if they were the Balenciaga Race Runners and I can definitely see the resemblance but nope, just Adidas. Matter of fact I didn’t even like the Balenciaga Race Runners when they first came out but it has been growing on me so a Bee just might cop em.

Btw these iPhone 7+ pictures are becoming so crisp that they keep making it into the blog while my DSLR camera is tucked in my bag. Plus it’s easier for your non photographer friends to manoeuver.
H&M T-shirt
Sweatpants: Unknown
Adidas Pure Boost Sneaker
Balenciaga Bag


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