What’s Gucci?

Gucci I

Velvet Cap - Sunglasses - T-shirt - Skirt - Platform Sneakers
Many of my close friends know that Gucci has been  one of my favorite designer brands for the past

 decade now so their recent revamp has just gotten me more excited! After he was assigned to be Gucci’s Creative Director in 2015, Alessandro Michele has brought a new era of designs to Gucci’s classic looks. This new era in Gucci includes: 
Chiffons – Silk bows – Patterns – Bright colors – Snakes & Bee’s –  Florals – DIY Customizations 
Celebrities, fashion influencers and even our parents are wearing these new designs and this inspired me to create these three looks using some key Gucci pieces.

Gucci II

Sunglasses - Top - Track Pants - Fedora - Watch - Bag -  Hightop Sneakers

Gucci III

Sunglasses Bandeau TopJeans - Trench coat - Platform Sneaker - Bag
Men in Gucci



Photos taken here


Agnes x


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