The Struggle is Real


This image of me pulling up my pants represents what 80%

 of my day consists of. Either the pants fit perfectly around my legs but then loose on the waist…or perfect on the hips and too tight on the legs
I just got done watching the move “Get Out” and I’m still trying to take in the bizarreness of it all. I’ve been hearing so much buzz about it but being the hipster (or so I think) that I am I waited for the hype to fade out before I watched it. I watch great amount of shows so I’m generally good at figuring out how a movie will play out within the first 20 mins of it. However the story line of this movie was unexpected and I would definitely recommend it. 

sofitel essaouira

Come to think of it I’ve actually thrown these pants away because of how annoying the fitting was.

sofitel - essaouira - vacation - design - home -interior design- morocco - maroc

How much are we loving the color palette of this petite salon? oooo that just inspire me to start posting in both english and french again because you know…ya girl is foreign af.morroco - blogger
I’ve literally just had to cross check what day it was because it’s summer and who needs dates right? 
Agnes x

9 thoughts on “The Struggle is Real

  1. Sheela Goh says:

    My husband often remarks that watching me get into a pair of jeans is both sexy and funny. The latter being that it looks SO difficult hahahaha in other news though, your hair is gorgeous!!


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