Feeling like Floyde in this May Weather

May is coming to an end but summer is just getting starte. Ramadan begun just two days ago therefor I’ve been fasting during the day and feasting throughout the night. I’ll be putting up a post soon with Ramadan outfit ideas and even meals since your girl has been cheffin’ it up these days ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿพ

Fedora from Topshopย 
I realizeda current theme in my photos lately os the color blue. Blue walls, blue outfits, blue tones…blue everything. Weirdly enough it’s not even my favorite color (neiter is black for those of you wondering), but I unintentionally keep finding myself posting content with a lot of ย blue on all my social media accounts.
Therefore I took initiative to plan two shoots later this week wearing anything but blue because tbh I’m getting bored of it.ย 


Top from BCBG
Clutch from Saint Laurentย 
Pants from Zara

Heels from Fendi
Agnes Bee x

30 thoughts on “Feeling like Floyde in this May Weather

  1. Michelle Elenee says:

    Blue is a lovely colour that looks good on you. I’m currently alternating btw pink and red outfits. So weird!

    Thank you for visiting me


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