You, Me and Us

I know it looks like I’mfeeling myself in that first pic as I’m flipping my hair back and forth and well…it IS because I am feeling myself. I was sent these hair clip extensions some time back and they have been one of my favorite things? Accessories? I don’t know what to refer them as.

Anyways. These have been life savers for whenever I am having a bad day and honestly before these I had never tried on hair clips because I thought they wouldn’t be effective but lord was I wrong. I love them for these 3 main reasons:

They stay on very well

Straighten and curl up really nice

Adds much more volume and length to your original style

I highly recommend getting this if you want to switch up your style without leaving your house (Perfect for lazy people like me) 

Wool overcoats make everything look more classy which is why I wore it over these ripped jeans and sneakers look.Valentines day is coming up soon everyone and this might be the first one in years where I am single…guess I have a week to find a bae! 

I am wearing…

Christian Dior Shades

Zara Turtle Neck & Jeans

Topshop Trenchcoat 

Fendi Tote

Kenzo Sneakers

Irresistible Me Hair Clips

Agnes B x

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