I’m currentlylistening to Drake’s “Nothing Was the Same” album as I reminisce over the past year (so cliché) and lord I can safely say I have not enjoyed 2016. I know that a new year doesn’t mean things miraculously change but there is something about the new year that motivates you to make major changes. 

Now don’t get me wrong, you should find it in yourself to do so all year long but it helps having a bench mark such as this to start new ventures. 

I barely blogged this year, especially during the second half and my presence on instagram was quite minimal but I’m slowly getting into the groove, answering old e-mails and writing new posts! New year, new me right? Cringe.

Anyways. I’ll save u the resolutions because they are as basic as uggs and sweats on a winter day. Let’s just say I plan on making significant changes and you will be seeing much more of me. Inchallah 

Soooo….about these photos. They were taken during the summer in Essaouira, a beautiful coastal city close to Marrakech. It’s much more quietter than Marrakech with equal the charm. I highly advice a day trip there or even a night or two if you are ever in that region. I went out for lunch with an old friend in this cute little rooftop restaurant/bar…unfortunately I forgot the name but Essaouira is filled with cute spots like these.

Happy New Years everyone and try starting 2017 without a hangover…(keyword: try)

See ya next year!

Agnès B  xx


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