Strength & Guidance


Blogging world, we meet again.

 I haven’t been blogging for some time now for countless reasons (exams and interning being one of them)! However I won’t be getting into that today,Ive missed blogging so much and I’ve been trying to find free time to incorporate in my day to day activities but it is quite time consuming and I’ve choosing sleep over blogging (sorry not sorry)

These photos were taken last summer in Geneva and looking back at them a lot of memories rushed back. I miss the city and the people so much and I cannot wait t’ill I am back (soon inchaallah).


I was wearing…
Happiness Boutique Necklace
APC Romper
Charles & Keith Sandal
Gucci Purse


Agnes B x

17 thoughts on “Strength & Guidance

  1. adele miner says:

    Love this outfit on you, so flattering! You seem really lovely too, I would love to follow each other and stay in contact.. let me know if you want to! x


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