What Goes on in Your Mind When You first meet Someone

Do you ever wonder what peoples first impressions of you are?

Many of my friends have admitted to thinking I was quite cold when they first met me and well…nothing changed when they got to know me better haha.

I know exactly why I might give that impression but I certainly  will not be changing any time soon. You will never see me walking on the street smiling and I will probably even have shades on on a rainy day to avoid peoples gazes so that I don’t have to walk over and say hi (hehe). It’s not every day that I want to know how an acquaintances brothers fiancees cousin did last weekend. 


I like to be honest with the people around me in what I believe is a constructive manner. I also like for the people around me to be truthful and direct with me. If you believe that I don’t have my things together then me tell me so, with concrete reasons why of course. Some people take criticism about their life choices very badly so always beware of the language and manner in which you tell your friends things. 

I’m honest in the sense that I will say:

I am concerned for your well being if you wear that sneaker with that dress

I am concerned for your futur if you don't get your life together now

I am concerned about our friendship if you don't reduce your attitude

You see…all constructive? 🙂  

Obviously these words will only be said to people who know me well enough to not be offended by it…unless they are having a  bad day to begin with…then they’ll get pissed off. 

Again, anyways. 

I’ve digressed like mad right now from what I originally intended to discuss but I would like to know what are some things you pay attention to when you first meet someone.

Also, are their certain things you can say and do only with your close friends because others might take them wrongly?

These shots were taken in The Oudayas of Rabat when I was being a tour guide to my friend. I have been to this place way too much in the past 8 months showing people around because I think it’s one of the prettiest spots in Rabat. However Enough is enough, or as they say in Arabic, safi. 
These YSL T-shirts are no longer being sold since Yves Saint Laurent became only Saint Laurent and I remember being one of the last few to pick up the remaining stocks in the Gallerie Lafayette in Paris before it was completely sold out. Good choice Agnes, good choice. 

I was wearing…

Prada Sunglasses 
YSL T-Shirt
7 For All Mankind Jeans
Zara Jacket
Fendi Tote
Massimo Dutti Sneaker (Similar embellished shoes)


23 thoughts on “What Goes on in Your Mind When You first meet Someone

  1. Moyin says:

    A friend of mine also told me that she thought I was mean when she first met me and she was never planning to be associated with me but then she knew me and it all changed


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