Summer Snow Throwback




Hello everyone! This past week has been intense and I don’t even know where to start! 

I went to the Chris Brown concert in
Chicago and usual it was AMAZING. Chris never lets me down and his performances are always a 10/10. The visuals were crisp, creative and very coordinated to his dancing and songs (so cute when everyone awww’d at pictures of his little girl). His warm up artists were Teyana Taylor, Fetty Wap, Omarion and Kid Ink (French Montana also performed with him). After all those talented artists you can only imagine how high he had to set  his bars up for his own performance which was the main reason everyone came. I got my seats literally 2/3 hours before the concert which was very risky but I got a nice VIP sitting one and that payed off because it started pouring after and half of the audience had to leave because they were exposed to the rain.

So in just two weeks in Chicago I was able to attend the Lollapalooza Festival and see some of my favourites artists on another festival like night. 

I am really behind on reading and getting back at comments and emails so I’m very sorry for that. I will be getting back to it in like a weeks time when everything is more settled on my part. I’m currently writing from Cleveland and I am heading back to NY tonight and back to Morocco this weekend!

Agnes x


4 6


We were walking in the Old Town in Geneva and randomly found these shredded office papers so we decided to use it to our advantage! It was a fun shoot and the outfit was super comfortable for every day errands. 

Tip: Wearing these triangle lace bralettes with simple tank dresses or tops makes them more interesting and fun to wear! 

I was wearing…

Forever 21 Dress (similar here)
Balenciaga purse (Different Color)
Avant Premier Lace Bralette (Similar Here)


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