Or You Get Eliminated



Hello hello beautiful ladies and the very few men who visit my blog! To be honest I don’t have much to say today, I’ve been having a writers (bloggers?) block lately. So I guess I will just talk about my outfit…since this suppose to be a fashion blog :p

This cashmere scarf from a Mongolian brand called Gobi has got to be my most worn scarf this past year. I am in love with the colors and the details which can’t really be seen in these photos but I will certainly make another post regarding it. And as for the shoes, who doesn’t love heels that can be turned into a weapon? I know I do :p

Since the heels were the last thing from comfortable, I had to balance it out with the most easy going pants that I got from Michael Kors last summer. I had never really payed much attention to their clothes in the past, but I got several lovely pieces from there!

These photos were taken in Rabat by the lovely Julia Beverly!



I was wearing…

Zara Shirt

Michael Kors Pants

Christian Louboutin Heels

Gobi Cashmere Scarf


Agnes x

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