Tiger Order


I am beyond swarmed with school work and attempting to have a social life that I have neglected blogging! I miss constantly interacting with my readers and updating myself on the latest street and runway style. However I have decided to get my things together and be more organised with all that I have got going on. I have lot’s of content to post but such little time and motivation to actually do it.

This was just a casual look I put on to show my friend/photographer…or as I like to call her baetographer around town when she came to visit me in Rabat! Check out her INSTAGRAM

I  must admit that I usually wear this sweatshirt when I am in a rush and need something to wear or when I can’t decide on what to wear.


I was wearing…

Dior Technologic Shades

Michael Kors Pants

Rita & Zia Loafers

Kenzo Sweatshirt

Fendi Tote



Agnes x
Instagram: Blvck.Bee
Snapchat: ThisIsAnyess

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