What a Time to be Alive


I believe that when you wear something you like, no matter how plain or daring it is, you will naturally feel comfortable in it. Unfortunately for me that doesn’t apply to certain heels. I’m obsessed with heels and the posture it gives women, however the prettier I seem to find them, the less I am able to walk in them, and that is truly a pity.

I was a bit hesitant to get these patent Zara ankle boots since I wasn’t sure if I would actually wear them and they looked so similar to the Dior ones which had recently been released, I don’t regret the decision at all. The boots are edgy yet incredibly comfortable 

PS. PLEASE, does anyone have any tips on how to walk with uncomfortable heels…for more than 5 minutes?!


DSC_0012-2 DSC_0016-2DSC_0037-2 DSC_0020-2 DSC_0021-2DSC_0027-2

I was  wearing…
BCBG top
BCBG Blazer
Dior Technologic Shades
Celine Bag



Agnes x

41 thoughts on “What a Time to be Alive

  1. Lucía says:

    Lovely look Agnes! I love the blazer and the bag 🙂 I was also wearing uncomfortable shoes yesterday and I even had to walk with them for the whole day! When I walked home in the night I even thought of walking barefoot for the rest of the way… If you find any solution please let me know too! hahahaha Kisses sweetie! xx


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