Chicago Nostalgia

These are just a few shots of my stay in Chicago.

I spent most of my summers as a child there and even lived there for a few years, so going back after 9 years brought back many good memories. There is so much to do in Chicago and it is honestly such a beautiful city.

Having lived in Europe for the past few years I forgot how nice people could be haha. I’m not saying that Europeans aren’t nice but in certain places many people are cold and prefer to keep to themselves. I was actually quite taken a back by how nice, helpful and straightforward people were in the US, but that definitely brought many positive vibes to my vacation. 


28 thoughts on “Chicago Nostalgia

  1. Helen Chik says:

    Wowww I actually haven’t been to Chicago and these shots are beautiful! On my list to visit next time I’m in the states ❤

    Sending you kisses from Sydney!

    I've recently been sent by Sony to the iconic Whitsundays to review their Xperia Z5 mobile camera – would love if you checked out the post and let me know your thoughts!!

    Helen xx


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