This is by far has been the longest gap I have had between posts…3 weeks to be exact.  Not only do I feel awful about it, but quite disappointed in myself . I have plenty of content to post and so many new ideas, yet I am not taking that extra step to go above and beyond to share them with my readers. Why you might ask? Because when I have so much going on in my day to day life (Drivers ed, friends and family visiting etc) I tend to push blogging to the curb. I think it’s a lame excuse that I give myself when I am just being lazy to work those extra hours in order to get in more sleep or even worse, to chat on Whatsapp about futile things. 

I really do love blogging and I can’t believe it’s going to be almost a year since I  started. To be quite honest I had bigger hopes for where I should be at this stage of my blogging, but I know I didn’t put in the work I had to in order to achieve it. I have a plan now and I am going to stick to it. In other words you will be seeing a lot more posts by me! 

The best way to keep up with my posts or posts from other bloggers is through bloglovin. It is basically an instagram for blog posts and it is the only tool I use to keep updated with other bloggers. I use it mainly on my laptop but you can also get the app which is quiet simple to use.

This might seem like a sponsored post by bloglovin since I never review other websites but it isn’t; I just really enjoy their site and concept.



Can we take a second to talk about my favorite new shoes please? Haha.

I got these Balenciaga beauties this summer and haven’t really had the  chance to wear it as much as I would like. But I can tell you this, they are incredibly comfortable and they suit almost every occasion…At least the ones that I go to…which isn’t much…but you get the gist :p

I was wearing…


Photos taken by Abdelali El Faziki 

70 thoughts on “Jumpman

  1. Gemma says:

    You’re not the only one who feels that way! My posts have been monthly recently, which I hate because it makes it look like I don’t care about blogging, but sometimes life just gets in the way. I love your posts & it’s clear to see you put a lot of effort into them, especially the photo’s, always such lovely surroundings and they’re always beautifully taken & a pleasure to look at! Your outfits are always so well put together too! I do love those shoes!!

    Xo Gemma


    • Blvck Bee says:

      Thank you so much Gemma! Your sweet comment means so much.
      Yes sometimes you just have to take time and deal with reality and not only the digital world of things. Have a great weekend! x


  2. Ms. Shee Art says:

    first thing i saw was the bag and i was wowed immediately, maaan i love the color of that bag, the design i bet the texture of it is even better, i think in my previous life i made bags, sold bags or owned the best of them 😛
    i also really love the location of your shoot.
    this post is just beautifully done.
    enjoy your weekend sweety



  3. wineismywater says:

    You’re slowly carving your niche as fashion blogger extraordinaire. This post is a breath of fresh air. Lovely colours working together. Here’s to you! 🍷


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