3 Ways to Add Color in Your Fall/Winter outfits

It’s no surprise that I usually wear black and other dark colors on a daily basis. However, I know I don’t speak alone when I say that continuously wearing dark colors in winter can get…dull.

So how do you incorporate color without looking like you are on your way to the Bahamas?


Swap your favorite colors into their darker tones such as I did here. I can’t exactly wear anything darker than blvck (very sad), but you can do so for other colors such as these: 

Yellows Mustard yellow | GreensOlive green/Camo |  Blues Navy blue |  Pinks Purple |  Reds Bordeaux 

2.) Accessorize!

If you don’t want to make the sacrifice of swapping your favorite bright or neon colors, then wear them in accessories. Wearing your all black, grey, or camel outfit with a colourful scarf or neon beanies and gloves adds much more spice without looking funny. 

3.) Invest!

Invest in a timeless winter jacket or coat that isn’t black, brown, grey or camel. Pick it wisely because you don’t want to be stuck wearing a jacket whose color you have gotten sick or whose style you no longer like (don’t buy a trend unless you think it will be timeless). 

You can check out this beautiful pink Burberry trench coat here, or the gorgeous Delpozo cape here, and the bright blue Moschino jacket here for some ideas

If you are looking for more affordable pieces, you can check some out here, here, here and here.

I was wearing...
Top | Michael Kors
Shades | Forever 21
Heels | Giuseppe Zanotti

Agnes x

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