I am beyond sorry for the lack of update on my blog and other social medias. I read each and every one of your comments and appreciate them so much.

This past week has been pretty intense for me therefor I had little to no motivation to blog or share anything on my social medias. Instead I’ve been chilling by the beach a lot getting lost in my own thoughts. In a way it has been good to sort of have a break from the constant notifications and headaches that come with social medias, but I am a blogger, so I am basically married to the internet now…Nonetheless I am back and excited to share so many new posts with you all so enjoy and leave your feedback!


Suede has been everywhere this summer and the trend isn’t fading off anytime soon. Fall and winter however call for more deeper colored pieces so of course I had to get a blvck suede dress. What I also love about this dress is that it has a pretty lace up detail that isn’t so revealing as most of the ones I have seen around online and in stores. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t a mind a little classy reveal, but sometimes I’m just not in the mood for a “sexy” look.

Pairing a dress like this with some wedges (my favorite types of heels btw) like the ones that I have on, is perfect for a day to night transition look. You can go for lunch and shopping with this look as well as go for drinks and have dinner in it.

PS. Though I didn’t wear any jewellery, this outfit would look even better accessorized.


I was wearing…

Shades | PRADA


Agnes x

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