IMG_4535 IMG_4569
Second set of photos from my post Weeping. Thought I would hare these because I feel like the location really did change the way you see the outfit a bit. 


Adding metallic, gold, or reflective accessories to a simple garmet such as this brings your outfit from 0-100 ladies real quick 😉


IMG_4613 IMG_4626 IMG_4630

IMG_4633 IMG_4639

I was wearing…

H&M Dress
Zara Necklace (Similar Here & here)
Balenciaga Purse (Different Color)
Gucci Heels (Sold out/Similar Here & Here)


56 thoughts on “Firestone

  1. Izabel says:

    Stunning outfit! You necklace is the best piece !
    Make a tour on MissGrey Romania for other special dresses!
    New post – Cum alegi cele mai frumoase rochii de seara lungi?


  2. Terri says:

    I like very very much this dress a total black outfit! Accesories are perfect!
    Thank you!
    Make a tour on Talis Romania for other special bridal dresses!
    New post – Anastasia Dress


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