Blvck is The New Black

Morocco is an incredibly beautiful country and there isn’t an area that I have been so far that isn’t picturesque. My photographer took me to this beautiful part of Rabat where we explored all these hidden corners that I probably would have never found on my own. This one door struck my attention so a shoot was inevitable. 

One of the things I love about Morocco is the details of their architecture. I am constantly in awe of all the beautiful mosaics and patterns you find on almost everything. I have yet to visit their museums, but it’s so difficult to convince myself to go into a closed space to look at art when there is art on every corner. 

I love black…or BLVCK, as I like to say. And though I wear all blvck everything almost everyday, I don’t post the looks as much and I’ve realized that I need to change that. What’s the point of calling myself the Blvck Bee if I don’t live up to my name!? So here you go ladies and gentleman (aka my boyfriend because he is probably the only guy who comes here to look at my photos), I present you an All Blvck Look. Except for the bag…but I like to think of grey as a washed out blvck. I won’t go into my recent love for fedoras since I already did on my post Moroccan VibesBut pairing the fedora with this pretty basic blvck tank, denim and sneaker gave the outfit more edge and I love it.

Photos by Alielphoto / Instagram


The Stella tote serves as both a handbag and my jewellery for the day. The silver chains match perfectly with the rims of my shades and that is as much bling as I need. 


If your purse has bold chains and plaques, take it easy on the jewellery and other accessories, too much of anything isn’t good. 

I was wearing…
Top | Topshop (SIMILAR)
Sneaker | Claudie Pierlot Sneaker (GREY)
Fedora | Topshop (SIMILAR)


69 thoughts on “Blvck is The New Black

  1. Gemma says:

    Such a lovely background for photos! So picturesque, I’d love to visit Morocco, I’ve heard such amazing things about it from people who have been 🙂 I love that hat! I’ve also been loving fedora hats recently, but this one is just perfect and the outfit is put together so nicely. Great post 🙂

    Xo Gemma


  2. moonstone34 says:

    Killing it👌👌 And that bag is amazing!
    I love an all black look! As far as I’m concerned black will always be one of my top choices…. Not only is it versatile but it looks good on everybody!

    xo, Jackie


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