Another One *Dj Khaled Voice*

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Officially summer isn’t over yet. So why not keep posting some shots I took this summer? This is the 3rd time this look has appeared on my blog and there is still more photos to come. Believe it or not they were all taken on the same day but every location I went to gave it a new vibe.

I’m not mentally ready yet for the cold weather but I do love that in between stage, aka fall! Fall is my favorite season and fashion wise I make the most out of my outfits; cute layers on layers on layers!

 I noticed I have been posting many outfits with dresses, skirts, and other super feminine items, which is funny because I dress quite the opposite a majority of the time. Therefore, I promise you will be seeing more of my every day style and less of my occasional looks. 

I was wearing…

Zara dress
H&M Bra (Similar here)
Charles & Keith slippers
Dior Technologic Sunglasses 
Balenciaga Bag (Different color)


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