Moroccan Vibes


Yes, I was actually on the phone when some of these photos were taken…you can’t NOT answeryour mom on the phone, just doesn’t end well.


I’ve spent most of my summer in Rabat, Morocco and I have been coming here quite often for the past year or so since my family moved here. Between spending time with my family and not being able to find a good photographer, I haven’t had time to take any photos here, which is a pity because it is such a beautiful country. I was finally able to contact a local photographer via instagram (my new google search) and arranged a meet with him. His photos looked amazing so I knew mine would turn out well and they did! Working with a new photographer is always a bit awkward for me because I have a hard time posing and doing facial expressions in front of someone I don’t, but overall he was really professional and it was definitely a different vibe compared to previous photo shoots. If you are ever in Morocco and need some photos,  I definitely recommend contacting him on his Instagram or Facebook.

DSC_0071DSC_0046 DSC_0061-2

These photos were taken near the Medina of Rabat during the rush hour so there was a lot of people around and I could feel peoples gaze at times when we were taking some of these photos (I guess we looked pretty professional :p). The wall is so beautiful and I think it complimented my outfit very well.



On that note, I am currently having a fedora obsession. I have literally been wearing it on a daily base and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I have a hard time finding ones that have the certain fitting that I like so I was pretty surprised when this did. I was just browsing around Forever 21 and playfully wore the hat to show my mom and then next thing you know I am buying it in three colors (It was a very good bargain).

Tip: Stripes, burgundy’s & camel colors are all in trend (yay for me!) this upcoming fall and winter, so if I was you, stock up!

Agnes x
Shades|Ray Ban
Shirtdress|Topshop (Sim here, here & here)
Bag|Stella McCartney
Fedora|F21 (Sim here & here)
Chocker|Free People
Shoes|Soffte (Sim here & here)


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