This tree might look pretty and delicate but it was incredibly spiky, like many people I know lol.It’s called a Weeping Norway Spruce and it is very photogenic! 

After I wrote that line I have decided to write about something completely different than I had in mind! Though a bit intense that I am going to turn that line into a metaphor for what I am going to write, I thought it was about time I get a bit more personal than I usually do (Not THAT personal, we aren’t at the level yet honey haha).

So for a little BlvckVice today, I will give you my thoughts on hypocrites.

One of the things I really detest is hypocrisy. I have dealt with so many people in my life that are hypocrite about countless things and it seriously gets on my nerves to a point where I am not friends with many people because of it. In a way I think of it as a form of lying, and yes, everyone lies once in a while, but if you are doing the opposite of everything you claim to believe in, then I find that really shady and untrustworthy.

People who tend to do this usually bring other negative vibes in your life and I just don’t accept that anymore. If I think you are constantly bringing down my mood because of petty things and and creating useless drama, then I will just stop involving you in my life. It’s that simple. I’m sure everyone has had or still have people like that and the best advice I can give you is get rid of them haha. It’s harsh when said but it’s the truth and you will see how much better your life is without all that unnecessary luggage, unless you like drama…then you want them them in your life! 

Repeat after me:

“Toxic people create toxic vibes”

And Nobody’s got time for that.

On another note, check out these photos from the lovely Julia Beverly, she is a fairly new photographer so follow her on her Instagram; and to all my swiss readers, you will have a blast if you shoot with her!

IMG_4375IMG_4279 IMG_4382 IMG_4393 IMG_4504 IMG_4483 IMG_4402IMG_4442

TIP: On lazy days instead of reaching for jeans and a t-shirt just get out a plain long dress and pair it with a bold necklace or even a stack of bracelets. It takes less than 5 minutes and you will look great. But don’t do this look too often, repletion kills the coolness of things. 

H&M Dress
Zara Necklace (Similar Here & here)
Balenciaga Purse (Different Color)
Gucci Heels (Sold out/Similar Here & Here)


Agnes x

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