Mary Poppins Taught Me


You know that feeling you get when you have an event and then you look at your overstuffed closet and say “I have nothing to wear”? Wel, I avoid that, and I will explain exactly how.


It’s really that simple. Though I am a fashion blogger and love to shop (duh), I don’t like to go and buy everything I think looks good, because whats the fun in that? I like buying a few timeless pieces and every here and there a what I like to call a “BAM” piece.

I think part of my love for fashion has to do with exploring and extending my creative side and shopping for the right items that I can use multiple ways is one them. When you have too many options you don’t get creative and then you get that feeling of needing to always buy more when you really don’t need to.

I love seeing how I can mix and match the same clothing without seeming too repetitive. For example in this outfit it seems like I am wearing a top with maxi skirt, but I wore a plain black dress I got from H&M last year underneath a chiffon yellow Sandro top which I wore backwards because of the V plunge. The V plunge matched that of the dress so it worked out perfectly. The photos really do not do justice to the chiffon top because you don’t see the chiffon details. It’s really a pity because it is my favorite thing about it and it looks so beautiful in real life.

Hows everyone dealing with the end of summer? I know I’m kind of happy to be going back to a routine.

PS. The jumping photos were looking very Mary Poppins like, hence the title :p 

Agnes x



Chiffon Top
H&M Dress
Zara Necklace (Similar here & here)
Call It Spring Espadrille (Similar Here, Here & Here)



38 thoughts on “Mary Poppins Taught Me

  1. Asa says:

    I love everything you said about fashion and not having too many options, I feel the same way. People seem to be more creative with less.

    You’re so clever with your dress and top combo. I love the color of the blouse and how you wore it backwards. That statement necklace is incredible.


  2. moonstone34 says:

    Yellow looks so good on you! And I love your statement necklace, so fierce!
    I couldn’t agree with you more, an over stuffed closet can kill your creativity. Having a handful of good quality and versatile pieces you can create so much more. Like this perfect outfit!

    xo, jackie


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