If you see me wearing sneakers like this outside of the gym, that means I intend on doing a lot of walking. I love walking to places, no matter how far it is, but sometimes avoid it or stop half way because th

Still in Chicago enjoy the nice weather and good food. I have been spending a lot of times with my little siblings so I have been very out of touch in terms of social media but I’m not complaining! It’s good to get away sometimes from electronics and this trip has really helped me do that. 

I love music as much as I love fashion. I also really love sharing my music with people, however, I have decided to reduce my “Saturday Sounds” posts to once a month now instead of weekly. From now on I will be sharing several songs on that one “Saturday Sounds” post. The reason for this change is because I felt like the weekly music videos was clogging my outfit posts which in the case of this blog is the most important aspect since it is a personal style blog. 


Agnes x

1 2 4 6 I was wearing…

Hype Means Nothing T-Shirt
The Kooples Neoprene Poncho (Sold out)
Nike Running Sneakers
Balenciaga City Bag (Different Color)

40 thoughts on “Poncho

  1. laylarositaa says:

    I love to wear my Nikes outside the gym as well! I still try to wear heels as much as possible. But when there’s a lot of walking involved, I switch them for my sneakers too. 😉 You bag is so lovely!

    Love, Layla Rosita


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