Lace Up Flats

Lace Up Flats

 Lace up flats is one of this summers trendiest shoes, in particular the pointy toed ones. I thought they suited certain people but I wasn’t sure about how I felt about them on me. To begin with, I don’t really like point shoes, on top of that, whenever I get lace up shoes the lace part always falls down…no matter how tight I tie them. Is this something that happens to other people also? Or do my calves just reject all lace ups? Haha. 

Anyways,  I was in Topshop the other day and I decided to try them on and to my surprise they didn’t look that bad on me. I decided to take them in orange and do a little test walking around town. Literally not even 20 steps out of the apartment the lace drooped down, so you can imagine my joy. I kept retying them but after a while I gave up and just tied it low, but I must say, I’ve been getting quite a lot of compliments about them. 

Nonetheless, I have created a few sets to inspire anyone who is interest in trying out this trend and links for where to get them of course. There are colors, styles, and varieties of prices for everyone so I hope you can find something! 

Any favourites? Tell me what you think!

Agnes x
Twinning LUF
Feline LUF
1.) Aquazzura Flats $895
Romantic LUF
Black lace ups

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