This is the second post I am doing with this same outfit, and believe it or not, there are two more to come! That day we did a lot of walking and literally every place had a completely different scenery with different lightings and that gave a whole new meaning to the outfit. Looking back at the photo’s even I would think they were taken in completely different days. 

On another note, I have been trying to find the exact name on what to call these types of bra’s in these photos. Different websites call them different things but for now I will refer to them as “Strappy Bra’s” haha. I had a very hard time finding a store in Geneva that had them and once I did, the strappy part fit weirdly on me so I gave up. Forward a few weeks later, I was browsing in H&M with no intentions to get anything and there they were, in black and in white. I took the white ones because of the contrast with my skin tone and I have no regrets. I love the look they give when you pair it with low cute t-shirts or dresses like these. On top of that I have been getting lots of compliments and questions about them so I decided to put two links up on where you can find them on line! 

Agnes x

5 61 7

I was wearing…

Zara Dress
H&M bra (Similar Here & Here)
Balenciaga City Bag (Different Color)

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