Bee Bee Q



Though I’ve been quite busy lately travelling with my family, I always try to remember what summers are for; sunbathing and swimming, relaxing and of course barbecuing! I love the taste of barbecued food and we can call agree that it is healthier than pan fried foods. I had quite a few barbecues with my friends this summer and I had so much fun at each one.

Good music, chilled drinks and great company is all you need to have a successful barbecue…And of course some chicken! Haha. But speaking of wine, being in the US is quite annoying for me because the drinking age is 21 and not the usual 16-18 in Europe, therefore I can’t go to many places after a certain hour and its very frustrating because I am turning 21 in exactly three months.

It was burning outside that day, and though I’m not much of a shorts fan I just had to bring these out. I got them in a boutique in St. Tropez a few summers ago for a really good price if I remember correctly, and I’ve loved it ever since.

I’m currently in Chicago and I even attended the last day of Lollapalooza which was amazing! Kygo was by far my favorite show. Any suggestions on where I should visit while here?

What are your favorite summer buys? Shorts, dresses or a bunch of graphic T-shirts? 


5 6 7


I was wearing a…

Rolling Stone Tshirt
Shorts from boutique in St. Tropez
Isabel Marant Sandals 
Dior Technologic Glasses


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