Hard Metal



I’ve always preferred wearing gold over silver, especially when the weather is warmer. So to my surprise, I have been wearing quite a lot of silver/metallics this summer and I’m loving it. I believe in wearing things that really bring out your skin tone and this has definitely done the trick for me. I always thought that gold reflected nice against dark skin (which is why I wore it a lot :p ) but I’ve been loving the reflection of silver on my complexion, especially these Happiness Boutique Necklaces and new Dior Technologic Sunglasses.

I wore this look a few weeks ago and it’s really the kind of look you will see me a lot in. I’m a huge sneaker fan and I would pick high tops over high heels any day. This look really illustrates how I dress on a typical day if I have class or if I am meeting up with some friends…so no, I don’t wear crop tops with flowy maxi skirts every day :/ 

On another note, hows everyone enjoying their summer? Anything interesting going on?



I was wearing…
Happiness Boutique Bib Necklace
Zara Top & Jeans
Dior Technologic Sunglasses
Giusseppe Zanotti Sneakers
Gucci Indy Bag (Similar


Agnes x

28 thoughts on “Hard Metal


    Hey, First, what camera are you using cos the photos are so clear. I love!
    Second, give me the shoes and the sunglasses. I love love…. Your outfit is on point.
    Sadly, I’m still in school for summer preparing for my exams this week.


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