Eid Inspired Looks!

Golden touch

Dolce Gabbana slip dress / Christian Louboutin pumps / Christian dior purse / Larsson Jennings  jewelry / Chanel earrings / Malene Birger hinged bracelet / Fendi glasses / Tom ford lipstick / Tom Ford fragrance / Christian Louboutin nail polish

Ramadan is the one month period in which all Muslims are suppose to fast (not eat or drink) from sunrise to sunset. Eid Al-Fitr marks the end of this holy month and you celebrate with special prayers, feasts and gifts (usually money *insert bbhmm song here”).Because of these celebrations, people go really all out on the outfits. It is basically Christmas for Muslims, and that is clearly expressed with the colors, patterns, and extra accessories. However I still love it because I can play dress up with an excuse. On Eid I usually like wearing lots of gold because…well just because. There are lots of celebrations during this time and even if you aren’t Muslim you might have been invited to a dinner party by a Muslim friend so here are a few looks I put together if anyone is in need of outfits to celebrate. .

Like I said, I love adding as much gold as possible without being tacky. Also, just in terms of respect, I recommend wearing outfits that are extend bellow knee length and not too tight on the body because it is still a religious ceremony and you don’t want to offend anyone.
Not so casual
You might not have a long dress, but thats ok. Just throw over that loose summertime kaftan you never got a chance to wear over some leggings, accessorize, and you are good to go!
Double trouble
Culottes and Maxi skirts are also very good and unique options since most people will opt for dresses. Again, you can be stylish and sexy without wearing something short and or tight. It was by coincidence that all three looks have blue, so please don’t think that it is some sort of rule or tradition.
golden touch

Here are just a few more accessories you can add to any plain simple outfit in order to spice it up a bit and make it more festive. You will be surprised on how much accessories can update an outfit if worn properly. 

Ps. Using necklaces as head jewellery is very welcomed!

Hope you enjoyed these looks and found inspiration.
Eid Mubarak!
Agnes x

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