Tribal Fairytale

310We found this spot out of pure coincidence and I remember thinking wow this is like a scene taken out of a fairytale. With that in mind I changed into my outfit and magically (no pun intended), the colors coordinated very well and the breeze gave my skirt more life…all I needed was some birds to lift me to my prince charming.

Even better the sun was settling so it was that nice golden hour which every blogger loves. If you don’t know when the golden hour of your city is HEREΒ is a website that I recently discovered that tells you the golden hour of your city.

I also recommend that when taking photos in a forest or a place with a lot of tree’s, never take it when there is too much light because the shadows will be too harsh most of the times and it’s not flattering. However during the golden hour it reflects softly and I just love the soft shadows of the leaves on my body or my outfit.2

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While most people opt for shorts during summer I tend to move towards maxi skirts because they are appropriate for many situations. I might go for lunch at a fast-food chain and be lazy to go home and change (usually the case) for dinner in a chic place. With these you can pull them off anywhere.

Maxi skirts paired with a crop top or a loose tucked in chemise compliment one another so well and it is usually how I wear them. Occasionally I pull the maxi skirt to my hips and add a tshirt on it when I am goingΒ for a casual look.


I am wearing…

Zara Skirt*
Charles & Keith sandals
Scarf as crop top (Forgot the brand)

*(Belt was added to it by a tailor because my mom thought it was too plain otherwise)


43 thoughts on “Tribal Fairytale

  1. justaise says:

    This is beautiful. It really does look like something out of a fairytale. And I do the same thing. I don’t really wear many shorts; maxi skirts are easier to switch up for any occasion or situation. –


  2. moonstone34 says:

    Beautiful look and I love the background details. And genius idea to wear your scarf as a crop top.
    Thanks for sharing the Golden hour link πŸ™‚

    xo, Jackie


  3. claricemetzger says:

    I too love a nice maxi skirt for the summer! This outfit is so lovely and you look fantabulous!


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