Time for some fun


I had so much fun releasing my inner child while shooting for this look. Summer means fresh popping colors and loose outfits to create that much needed ventilation. I haven’t worn my McQueen scarf in ages and I thought go hard or home right?  I might as well add some extra colors on my popping top.I can finally say I will be going back to posting regularly after few weeks of exams, moving, and travelling. I have missed sharing outfits with you guys and can’t wait to hear the feedback of my new looks.

3 57 811512
This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen lately, it is a sun clock and it tells you the time of the day depending on how the sun is facing. Cool right?


Sandro Sheer Chiffon Top (similar here)

H&M Leggings  

Alexander McQueen Scarf



Agnes x

14 thoughts on “Time for some fun

  1. Cee says:

    Purple is such a beautiful colour on you! And I love that you chose such a bold shade for your Alexander McQueen scarf, I’m so used to seeing that same scarf in black and white and navy and white and while I definitely love neutrals, the bright colours of your make so much more of a statement.


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