5 Reasons to get Graphic T-Shirts

1.) They can be worn throughout every season. 

LPD NEW YORK pattern top, 51 CHF / Brian Lichtenberg white cotton tee, 105 CHF / Marc by marc jacobs tee, 38 CHF / Givenchy short sleeve cotton shirt, 425 CHF



2.) Can be paired with a skirt or over dress if you want a chic sporty look.
Alexander Wang T-shirts
3.) They can send a message or be inspirational  
Marc Jacobs Tshirts
4.) Cotton T-shirts are easy to wash and easy to iron! (Don’t forget to turn the t-shirt inside out when ironing) Kenzo Tshirts

Crewneck tee, 130 CHF / Kenzo print top, 110 CHF / Kenzo modal t shirt, 135 CHF / Kenzo round neck t shirt, 220 CHF / Kenzo tiger top, 84 CHF



5.) You can easily customize T-shirts to your likings and they are simple gifts to give to people when you don’t know what to give them! 
  I wear T-shirt at least a couple of times a week because I don’t have to put much thought into it and there are just so many varieties but these are just the types I prefer the most. If you are the super girly type Moschino has many fun ones that I am sure you will like. 

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