Well Summer Is Here…

Summer Wishlist: Bags
Chloé brown purse, 2’200 CHF / Mansur Gavriel purse, 590 CHF /Chloé handbag, 1’715 CHF / Fendi purse, 3’985 CHF  / ValentinO purse, 1’855 CHF/ Georgina Skalidi fringe purse, 145 CHFO
While most girls are thinking of bikini bodies and summer plans I am thinking o a new addition to my bags.  I generally don’t like getting pieces that are super trendy because every other person you see has it and it’s just not original. However there are some pieces which are trending but I absolutely love. I have my eyes on these six options above because I know I can easily match those colors to my outfits and I know they will be timeless pieces; which is something I pay attention to. Bellow I have a few classic colors that are perfect during summer but also every season.
PS. Which option should I go for? Comment bellow your preference! 
Chanel zip tote bag / Givenchy roll bag, 2’615 CHF




Blue Hues

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