Blue’s and Ivy’s



Since I started blogging I’ve had my close friends  take my pictures because it’s a lot easier since I am always with them and it’s kind of awkward taking pictures with people you don’t know or using a tripod and putting your camera on timer. I know many bloggers do that but I just feel weird taking pictures of myself in public on timer.
This is the first time I was actually taking pictures with someone who had an interest in photography and I must say there is a huge difference. I am grateful to all my friends and especially my boyfriend for all the patience they had taking me photos when they knew nothing about photography. But taking photos with someone who knew what they were doing made my job a lot easier in terms of posing and time management. I do know the photographer (link to her Instagram at the bottom) so taking the pictures with her wasn’t weird and we had a good time and kept forgetting our belongings because we were so into the moment.
Enjoy the photo’s and check out her new Instagram page! 

11 2412 5

Zara Skirt
H&M crop top
Steve Madden Heels
Dior Glasses



42 thoughts on “Blue’s and Ivy’s

  1. Mariah says:

    Lol! I force my boyfriend to take my photos! But yah I can only imagine the difference it would make to have someone who’s passionate about photography take my photos one day. Great post!! 🙂


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