Fishy Tangerine


I tried out the fish spa for the first time and I must say  it was quite bizarre. I have been wanting to try it for a while now but never really got to it, so when I found out there was one just 3 streets away from me I jumped to the idea. When I was finally there and about to put my feet in the tub, I freaked out. The concept was weird and I knew I would be very uncomfortable. After a few comforting words from the owner I plunged my feet into the tub and was just hysteric for about 3/4 minutes, it’s a very ticklish sensation in the beginning and though you don’t completely get use to it, you are not as sensitive to it anymore. After I was done with my 30 minutes session I did not regret it because my feet were as soft as a baby’s butt.
A fish pedicure consists of dipping your feet into a tub of water filled with Garra Rufa fish which are known as fish doctors because they eat away dead skin from the feet.



On another note, this is one my favorite dresses that I own. I am not big on patterns but this one is so flattering because of the way they face, which gives the illusion that my mid part is smaller than it really is (yay!). Plus, doesnt the patterns remind you of a very colorful fish scale?



Maxfield Dress
Isabel Marant Sandal
Dior Technologic Glasses


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