Spring Accessories

Sprin Accessories
  1. Valentino pink purse – I’m sure most of you have realised that I love this Valentino bag and with every season there are so many color opportunities. 
  2. SneakerYeezy season approaching! Haha, no but really, these sneakers are a great for spring time because of it’s neutrality and simplicity. I’m a Kanye fan so of course I was glad to hear of his new collaboration with Adidas. 
  3. Color Block Square ClutchIf you aren’t good at color blocking it’s ok, just pair this clutch with a  simple outfit and it will do all the work.
  4. Givenchy nail polishYellow nail polish is a must for spring and summer!
  5. Christian Dior mirror sunglassesI have been obsessing over these glasses for some time now and I was having a very hard time finding it in this color but I’m definitely on the lookout for it this for spring. The cut is sleek and bad ass at the same time.
  6. Huit lace lingerieBright lace bra is a definite yes! Wearing this under a loose white t-shirt and having the straps be a little visible is a fun and simple way to add color to your outfit.
  7. Givenchy leather handbagA popping Givenchy bag such as this one is a good addition to your spring look
  8. Christian Louboutin slip on shoesA classic that’s appropriate for every season!
  9.  Forever New blue shoesChunky heels such as this are great to walk in and can easily be paired with something casual in order to not look too dress during the day.
  10. Toast square braceletWhen I wear bracelets I like it to be very simple and not bulky, such as this one. It’s spring time and that means it’s time to add new jewellery to your collection. 
  11. STELLA McCARTNEY backpack– Though I don’t wear backpacks much this is one that I would definitely love to wear. The color is fun but sophisticated and I am a huge fan of Stella McCartney’s signature gold chain linings. 
  12. STELLA McCARTNEY leather handbagThe bag is very different from the usual Stella McCartney bags that are so mainstream, that’s why I like it even more. The bag is very sophisticated and I love its color.


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