Sorry that I have been taking time to reply to comments and checking out new blog posts, It’s almost exam week and I have lot’s of essays to write, presentations to prepare, and finals to study for. After this hectic will things will be back to normal.

5These heels are one of my go to heels when I want to be comfortable but not wear a wedged one.

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This Gucci purse has been with me forever and before that it belonged to my mother so I would I be able to call it vintage? I am very bad at knowing what is considered vintage and what isn’t. Do you have to have bought it when it was already old to consider it vintage? Anyways, no matter how many seasons ago this came out, I am still able to incorporate it in my outfits.15

This ring was a gift and it’s from mongolia. I love wearing things from other cultures because of the originality. 144

I honestly do not like wearing heels during the day unless I am going to an event of some sort. So this look will be something I would wear at night most likely, to go get a drink, have dinner, or go to a club. I am wearing all black as usual but added a cobalt silk chemise to add in some “color”. I also love the leather/silk combo.


Agnes x 

→ Tom Ford Shades
→ H&M Long Tank Top
→ Zara Silk Chemise
→ Gucci Shoulder Bag (Similar Here)
→ Wolford Tights
→ Steve Madden Heels
→ Jacket

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