3 Looks under 300$!

Layers of warmthSimple


I am a firm believer that you don't have to wear expensive items in order to have impeccable style. These days there are a variety of   brands with good quality clothes and accessories, so there is no    excuse to be dressed badly, whatever your style is. 

This look includes a few current trends:over the knee boots, knitted sweater, and oversize jackets. Yet you can get  them all for bellow 300 $. Sounds like a good deal.

I would wear this is on a very cold day to class or to meet
up friends and or run errands around town.You can wear many layers  bellow the sweater and the over the knee boots will block the breeze from freezing your feet and most of your leg.

Chic night out


Green under 300


 I don't know about you but this look definitely doesn't   seem like it is bellow 300$, I mean look at those heels and clutch! What I   like about this look is that it is composed of many basic pieces    which you can mix and match endlessly with other items in your closet. I would definitely wear a look like this for a dinner or a night out.

 Laid back chic

Casual under 300


Some days I just want to put on a a basic tee with an over-size jacket but still actually look like I made an effort  in my appearance.

This is where a good leather bag and sleekboots come in. 

Both of these items give the outfit more value and instead of       wearing black jeans(something I wouldopt for),wear a  light coloured jeans to have appealing contrast.

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