Valentines gifts for him

16 things to get for him
My previous post featured gift items to impress your girl with. Now it’s time to impress your man with these cool items. While choosing a present for your amour, keep in mind that simple yet elegant is always good

1. Bottega Veneta leather bangle bracelet If your man is not so into bling, this is quite low key jewelry to offer him. I love this bracelet on men and no matter what their style I think it goes pretty well.
2. Givenchy print tee If you want to “swag” up your man then this is definitely a T-shirt worth getting.
3. Black snapback I don’t know of any man who doesn’t like caps. With a plain black snapback or baseball cap, they will be able to wear it a lot.
4. Tech accessory A cool phone case such as this one is an interesting gift which I am sure they will not expect.
5. Lanvin cuff jewelry If your man is the dapper type, nice cufflinks will do the trick.
6. Bottega Veneta card case wallet Very simple yet elegant gift to offer.

7. Paul Smith home decor A framed art work to put in their place to remind them of you. You can get very creative and even make them a painting or offer a framed picture of you both.

8. Tie scarve With 50 Shades of Grey coming out on Valentines Day, I’m sure this will be useful even if your man doesn’t wear ties.

9. Hermès belt A classic belt which I am sure he will love.

10 Parrot ZIK Headphones Wireless, with an amazing sound quality and aesthetics.
11. Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial Champagne A little bubbly to celebrate the holiday?

12. Timberland waterproof shoes They will thank you during the winter for these boots.

13. Bar tool I feel like flasks & cigars makes anyone look very sophisticated. They need to become more in style again.
14. The Art of Shaving Carry A shaving kit set is a good idea if your man is the constant shaver and or appreciates a good set such as this one. 15. Star jewellery This Star Wars cufflink is fun and creative 16. Balenciaga suede shoes I love these sneakers, even for myself. It’s somewhat simple and if your boyfriend or husband is a fan of sneakers, I am sure they will appreciate these high tops.

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