20 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Her!

20 Valentines Gift Ideas
20 Valentines Gift Ideas by blvckbee.com
With Valentines Day just11 days away, I am sure many are stressed for what to get their special someone. And if you do not have a special someone, I think it’s fun and thoughtful to give gifts to your friends who aren’t in relationships, your mothers, or even spoil yourself. I love myself so why can’t I give myself a gift? Haha. Anyways, these are a variety of items I think could make a good Valentines day gift. There are different options of different price ranges so I hope you can find something!

1. Prince Charming Lush has amazing products, but this special edition Lush Valentines Day shower gel will definitely be a cute gesture.
2. Wet Seal brushes comb I like to believe that every girl loves Beyonce (At least that’s what Drake said). Most girls also love empowering quotes such as “I woke up like this”. So an empowering quote on a pink brush? I say yes!

3. Michael Kors gold jewelry When you are never too sure what to get a girl, a heart necklace is definitely a way to play it safe. It’s a romantic gesture and she will always be able to wear it around her neck.

4. Bath rug Yet another quote related items. As you might have guessed from Instagram and Facebook captions, girls love quotes. Keep Calm quotes never get old so why not spice up her bathroom with a fun bath rug? It’s not the typical Valentines Day gift, or any gift for that matter, but it’s original!
5. Tickets This is very interesting because you can get very creative and get her a ticket to whatever play, musical, concert, or movie out during this time. Fifty Shades of Grey comes out on Valentines Day and every girl in the world is dying to watch it, so you will not go wrong there.
6. Twerk Juice Whisky Flask This is definitely up there when it comes to originality. Your Valentines doesn’t even need to be a drinker to get her this. It has a funny quote and it looks cool even just for a room decor.

7. Valentino leather purse In theme with Valentines Day, this red Valentino purse will be a heart melter. This bank breaker is very sleek, and if your Valentines is into fashion I am sure she will appreciate it.

8. Yonce Album- Because it’s a Beyonce Album…no further explanation needed.
9. Bouquet Though very cliché, most girl still love a beautiful bouquet. Just imagine all the cute Instagram photos…
10. Balenciaga zipper wallet Also in theme with the color of love, this wallet is a beautiful color and everyone needs a new wallet from time to time.
11. Chiara Ferragni flat shoes Why not offer her shoes from every girls favorite blogger? These Chiara Ferragni flats are sparkly and very girly, so if your girl likes that, she will love this.
12. Nail polish Girls never get enough of this, so why not offer her a red or pink one in theme to Valentines Day?
13. Sterling silver heart necklace Yet another heart necklace, in silver this time. This is playing it very safe!

14. Eyeshadow An eyeshadow palette is a good idea if your girl is into makeup. Get one with many colors so she can be sure to like at least a few of them. 

15. Phone Case A cute and funny phone case like this declaring she is yours is something any girl would love. 

16. Christian Louboutin pumpsAs long as she is a girl, she will love this. Trust me, I shouldn’t even need to try to convince you why.

17. Stud earrings If a necklace is something you have given in the past, why not opt for cute studs like this?
18. Quote Pillow This is a cute gift with a cute quote and she can constantly have a reminder of you while she sleeps.
19. Hersheys candles candleholder Giving chocolate is a bit too cliché. Instead, try giving her chocolate scented candles. Last longer and zero calories! 
20. Valentino camo shoes Also in theme with Valentines Day colors, these sneakers are fun and comfy and Valentino! If any designer was to represent Valentines day, it would be Valentino.
Don’t wait until the last minute to get a gift, make a plan, or reserve somewhere! Take time to think of an appropriate gift and plan everything perfectly and stress free. At the end of the day it’s the thought that matters.
Does anyone have any cool Valentines day gifts I didn’t mention?
Agnes x

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