Happy New Years!


I hope that everyone spent an amazing New Years Eve and that you will all accomplish whatever it is you hope to in 2015. For many years I have made resolutions that have been all talk with little to no action (at least there was little right?). So this year I have made myself a promise to make an effort into executing these goals I have set up. I want 2015 to be a very productive year for me and my blog.

I spent New Years Even in Marrakech with my family and had an amazing dinner and show at the hotel where I got to wear this dress once again. The first time I wore this dress was for my senior year prom and I hadn’t really gotten any opportunities to wear it again.


The dress is detailed with beads pallets of different sizes and shapes and really accents my curves with the way they are layer out. The dress is pretty comfortable apart from the fact that my arm kept brushing against the beads on the sides which was getting annoying at one point.


On my right was one of the performers who did an amazing job. This was taken after the countdown so I had so much sparkles on me from the masks (hence the one on the right corner of my mouth), and my hair was a tad bit untamed at this point. I paired the dress with these very colourful earrings because it was New Years Eve and what other day can we bling out as much?


This was taken earlier on during the day and the weather was beautiful and I just loved the positions of these tree’s.

Dress: Faust

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