O.P.I Winter tones


These are a selection of my favorite nail polishes for fall and winter. I’m not a fan of neon colors during this period. I know people like their nails to stand out in contrast to their outfits but I tend to do that with my shoes or handbag instead. I don’t use the “nude” color as much as I should, I always end up picking another color above it. These colors go great with a neutral over sized knitted sweater or better yet a poncho for that very autumn look.

Generally when I am going on vacation I usually get a gel nail polish which will last me at least two weeks so I don’t have to worry about it and on top of that I tend to almost never get chipped nails while having it on. I have this problem with my thumb nails which always chip on the outer corner but like 1/3 way down. this is very painful and tends to make the nail very un aligned which I hate. Does anyone have any suggestions I can do to avoid these?

Also what are your favorite fall/winter nail polishes?

Agnes x

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